About Us


Over a decade ago, our founder Tara Wright, a passionate mom, classically trained pianist, award-winning actress and a Southern soul, stumbled upon a mesmerizing sight – a nut burning with an enchanting flame! Pairing a solid chocolate shape with a flammable almond was the moment that sparked an idea that would re-create candles as we know it. She turned her kitchen into an official kosher commercial haven and eventually patented the idea, where creativity and flavor converged to create Yum-Wick® --which self-extinguishes in less than a minute--ensuring no more fears of spraying desserts and no waste! Simply light the nut & Eat the Wick AND Candle!

✨The Flavor Revolution

Yum-Wick® isn't just a brand; it's a movement.

Our Hot Cocoa Candy Kits promote culinary and creative kid skills, our dog cookie party candles add tail-wagging joy and bonding moments, and our chocolate candles – available in nonpareils and drizzle candles, in dark, milk, white, and even rainbow white chocolate flavors – redefine indulgence. And don't forget the plus sign candle, celebrating life's authentic milestones. Yum-Wick® caters to those who savor moments and cherish companions, offering a unique, inclusive and memorable experience. 

Join us in spreading the Yum-Wick® magic in your homes. At Yum-Wick®, we don't just craft candles; we create experiences, one delectable moment at a time. Join us in illuminating lives, one candle at a time. Let's make every occasion, every day, and every customer experience unforgettable.

🌟Yum-Wick's Charity Mission: Lighting Up Lives Beyond Candles

We are committed to sustainability and charity, which is why 10% of every Yum-Wick® sale goes to our local food pantry where we volunteer our time and donation since 2015 and throughout the pandemic. In addition to food, people receive: essential items, fine dining, haircuts, and clothing to those in need making each light a beacon of positivity. Our commitment to the community runs deep, and it's not just about providing delightful experiences but also about nourishing souls.

Yum-Wick®– where flavor meets heart, and memories are made. Yum-Wick not only donates ten percent of candle sales but volunteers at our local food pantry.


🍫 The Yum-Wick® Promise: Safety, Flavor, and Love

At Yum-Wick®, safety and indulgence harmoniously blend. Our completely edible chocolate candles, inspired by that flickering nut, offer more than just taste – they provide an experience. From Hot Cocoa Candy Kits that warm your heart to dog candles ensuring every member of your family feels the celebration, Yum-Wick® is the epitome of culinary craftsmanship. Here at Yum-Wick®, we are Igniting celebrations with our patented edible candles. Indulge in chocolate elegance while your furry friend enjoys tasty cookie candles. Light up with purpose - explore Yum-Wick® candles now!" They’re “Yummy…EAT the WICK And the CANDLE!”